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Positive criminology (not to be confused with positivist criminology) is a new conceptual criminological perspective that scientifically targets crime, violence and "bad" experiences at the individual and social levels with goodness and with positively experienced encounters.

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Positive criminology places an emphasis on social inclusion and on unifying and integrating forces at individual, group, social and spiritual levels that are associated with the limiting of crime.


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Ben Azai: Run to the even eazy mitzvah (good deed; commandment) and run away from any sins, for doing mitzvah leads to more mitzvah and sinning leads to further sinning

Ethics of Our fathers 4:2

Application in offender rehabilitation

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Strength-based treatment programs

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The Good Lives Model of rehabilitation

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Existential therapy

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groups and the 12-Step program

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Love is the only remedy for hate. It blossoms only in the heart of a fearless men


Prof. Natti Ronel

Head of the research group

Prof. Natti Ronel is a clinical criminologist and a senior lecturer at the department of criminology, Bar-Ilan University. Natti suggested and developed the new concept of positive criminology, based on his field experience and on the many studies that he conducted.