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ד"ר נתי רונאלProf. Natti Ronel Head of the research group

Prof. Natti Ronel is a clinical criminologist and a senior lecturer at the department of criminology, Bar-Ilan University. Natti suggested and developed the new concept of positive criminology, based on his field experience and on the many studies that he conducted. Natti gained his BA from Tel-Aviv University in Psychology and in a Special Program in Humanities for Outstanding Students, and his PhD from the Institute of Criminology, the Hebrew University, in a Straight Program for Outstanding Students. Natti joined the Department of Criminology, Bar-Ilan University on 2003. Formerly he lectured at the School of Social Work, Tel Aviv University (1993-2002) and in several colleges in Israel (2002-3). He also served as the researcher-in-chief of The Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Policy and Care of Children and Youth, in the School of Social Work, Tel Aviv University (1998-2002). Natti is a board member of the Israeli society of Criminology, member of the advisory board of The South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology (SASCV) and member of The European Society of Criminology and The World Society of Victimology (WSV). He is a recurring faculty member of the annual postgraduate course of "Victimology, victim assistance, and criminal justice" of the WSV in the Inter University Centre, Dubrovnik, where he lectures on therapy for recovering victims.

Natti integrates his intensive academic work with partial field work as a clinical criminologist, and as a leader of training courses and supervision services for professionals. Based on this integration he developed several unique contributions: A spiritual-based therapy for individuals and groups in distress, including survivors of victimization; the criminal spin model of criminality which is currently adapted to victimology as well; the rising positive criminology. During his academic studies Natti received several awards for excellence and through his academic career he received a number of research grants from various sources including The Israeli Anti-Drug Authority, The National Security and the Schnitzer foundation.


Dr. Ety Elisha

Research group
Ety Elisha completed the PhD in the department of criminology at Bar-Ilan University, Israel. Dr. Elisha is currently a lecturer of criminology at Yezreel Valley College and at Ashkelon Academic College. Her areas of research interest: rehabilitation, positive criminology, qualitative research, violent crimes. e_elisha@zahav.net.il

Dr. Maya Ben-Aharon

Research group
Maya Ben-Aharon completed her PhD in the Bar-Ilan University criminology department. Dr. Ben-Aharon is currently a lecturer in the criminology department at Ashkelon Academic College. Her areas of research interest are political criminology, discourse analysis, state legitimacy to use force, the construction of deviation in the media, positive criminology. mba313@gmail.com